Radio Communications

We have a wide selection of radio communications equipment from the simple 'Walkie Talkie' to the latest in high tech handheld trunk radios. However, if you are already using a system, you can be assured that you can purchase your additions directly from Comex and enjoy superb customer service.

At Comex we have a large hire fleet. Two Way Radios, Base Units and Trunk Communication Systems, which are all available for hire and programmed to meet your requirements.

Services Include:

    • Digital radio specialists
    • ATEX explosion proof radios
    • Radio hire (Digital and analogue)
    • Radio system design, installation and support
    • Long term lease of radio systems
    • GPS tracking via radio or GPRS
    • Voice recording
    • Lone Worker and vulnerable staff protection
    • Public safety communications
    • Confined space communications
    • High noise area communications

Whatever your application there will be a radio to suit your requirements. You can start from as few as two radios and have as many in your group as you like.

We also have access to a large number of Repeaters that offer a simple and instant solution in cases where a number of people need to talk to each other over a large local area. They are very cost effective and ideal for users with small to medium sized fleets where the provision of a wide area PBR service would not be applicable.

Typical users are Motorcycle Couriers, Local Delivery Services, Take Away Food Services, Local Bus Companies and many more.

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