Conficker worm: no need to panic, says security expert
Wednesday 01 Apr 2009 [10:27]
Businesses should not panic about the Conficker worm, but there should be a modicum of concern, says Conficker researcher Dan Kaminsky.
Computer crime jumps 33% in US
Tuesday 31 Mar 2009 [16:02]
Computer crime has risen 33% in the past year, according to figures from the US-based Internet Crime Complaint Centre.
Two billion mobile broadband users by 2014
Tuesday 31 Mar 2009 [9:28]
The number of subscribers to mobile broadband services over all of the supporting technologies will rocket by 1024% over the next five years to over 2 billion according to forecasts by Ovum.
Patch to stop potential conficker attack this week.
Monday 30 Mar 2009 [16:34]
The Conficker worm may unleash massive cyber-attacks this week, but security suppliers say businesses simply need to patch systems to avoid potential disaster.
'Computer tan' website scores hit
Monday 30 Mar 2009 [9:10]
A website ironically claiming to offer users an all-year tan through their computer screens has received more than one million hits in two months.
Twitter grows 3000% in a year
Friday 27 Mar 2009 [16:29]
Twitter has grown by more than 3,000% in the last year, according to figures from internet monitoring site Hitwise.
42% of UK unhappy with broadband service
Friday 27 Mar 2009 [10:50]
But BT scornful of uSwitch's poll
Lenovo restructures business
Thursday 26 Mar 2009 [16:24]
Lenovo has changed its structure, creating two business units to focus on mature and emerging markets.
iPhone mugger caught after e-mailing his own picture
Thursday 26 Mar 2009 [8:44]
A mugger was caught out after taking a photo of himself on a stolen i-phone and e-mailing it to his own account.
Twitter and Wikipedia could be on school curriculum
Wednesday 25 Mar 2009 [16:20]
Primary school kids could soon be taught about Web 2.0 applications such as Wikipedia and Twitter in the classroom
3 ups the mobile broadband ante
Wednesday 25 Mar 2009 [8:52]
In a bid to create a clear differential point in what many regard as a commoditised mobile broadband market, UK 3G network operator 3 has launched a mobile package offering 15 gigabytes of data for 15 a month.
Manchester gets 100mbps fibre broadband
Tuesday 24 Mar 2009 [15:55]
Firms and homes in parts of central Manchester are to get high-speed fibre broadband as a result of a 500,000 project funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency and backed by Manchester City Council.
Linux to shine in sub-$200 netbook market
Tuesday 24 Mar 2009 [9:34]
The Linux Operating system is set to be the entry level choice of sub-$200 netbooks
BT announces 40mbps fibre broadband areas
Monday 23 Mar 2009 [16:01]
BT has announced the locations where broadband subscribers will be able to access the web at up to 40mbps over fibre networks from "early 2010".
iPhone to get video editing and recording
Monday 23 Mar 2009 [8:57]
Apple likely to introduce new hardware when 3.0 arrives
Google Street View comes to the UK
Thursday 19 Mar 2009 [16:06]
But are faces being properly blurred out by the search giant?
Internet Explorer 8 officially arrives
Thursday 19 Mar 2009 [8:37]
Microsoft: A browser for how people really surf
Four million mobile phone users risk ID theft
Wednesday 18 Mar 2009 [16:18]
Some four million Brits who lose their mobile phones are exposing their companies and themselves to criminal exploitation, according to a survey of UK phone users.
Brits still unconvinced by broadband
Wednesday 18 Mar 2009 [11:01]
Parts of the UK don't care for high-speed internet
Nokia pulls plug on another 1,700 jobs
Tuesday 17 Mar 2009 [16:13]
The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is set to shed around 1,700 jobs as it seeks to cut costs and streamline its operations.
UK Vodafone user hit with 22,000 bill
Tuesday 17 Mar 2009 [12:03]
Five-day foreign trip costs TV downloader thousands
Web inventor calls for action agains cybercrime
Monday 16 Mar 2009 [14:15]
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has called on world authorities to step up their efforts to fight cybercrime.
BBC botnet experiment broke law, says lawyer
Friday 13 Mar 2009 [16:08]
The BBC may have broken the law by demonstrating how easy it is to buy and use a botnet or network of hijacked computers, says a technology lawyer.
Bill Gates loses 12.2bn but regains top spot on rich list
Thursday 12 Mar 2009 [16:17]
Bill Gates' fortune has been cut by a massive 12.2bn, but he has regained the position of being the world's richest person with 28.8bn.
BBC unveils new mobile homepage
Wednesday 11 Mar 2009 [16:27]
Customisable look for the Beeb on your phone
Gmail more popular than YouTube
Wednesday 11 Mar 2009 [11:56]
Google email service beating Google video service
Web users stick to one password, survey reveals
Tuesday 10 Mar 2009 [16:30]
A recently conducted survey has revelled that only 19% of websites users protect their identities with multiple unique passwords.
3DTV coming this year, suggests Sky
Tuesday 10 Mar 2009 [9:37]
Plus, Tiscali's deal with BSkyB has ended.
Spam still costing thousands, McAfee report says
Monday 09 Mar 2009 [16:25]
According to Anti Virus firm McAfee's March 2009 spam reports, spam is costing big business thousands of pounds a year in lost productivity.
Windows 7 will come with IE8 'off button'
Monday 09 Mar 2009 [8:43]
New plan allows users to effectively remove core programs
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