Microsoft releases Vista SP2 to public
Thursday 05 Mar 2009 [16:26]
Windows latest service pack arrives for the masses
YouTube attracts over 100m viewers in US
Thursday 05 Mar 2009 [8:53]
Breaks into triple figures for the first time
Opera plugs security threats on Windows browser
Wednesday 04 Mar 2009 [16:23]
Opera is recommending users of its browser to upgrade to the new Opera 9.64 for Windows to fix a number of security problems and improve functionality.
Budget Linux Tablet can be stuck on a fridge
Wednesday 04 Mar 2009 [9:02]
Mobile specialists 'Always Innovating' have developed a $299 ARM processor-powered magnetic table computer, running on Linux. The company also notes that it can actually be stuck on the front of a fridge.
Nokia pulls 3G phone in US after connectivity problems
Tuesday 03 Mar 2009 [16:22]
Nokia has confirmed its newly launched 5800 touch-screen smartphone in the US is having problems connecting to 3G networks.
Blu-ray discs and players set to get cheaper
Tuesday 03 Mar 2009 [9:18]
Convoluted Blu-ray process simplified by manufacturers
AVG announces major update to 8.5
Monday 02 Mar 2009 [16:09]
Key changes to both free and paid-for anti-virus
LG 830 "Spyder" phones recalled for dropping 911 calls
Monday 02 Mar 2009 [10:16]
US consumer safety regulators have issued a recall on some 30,000 LG mobile phones after a software error caused a stranded motorist's phone to drop its connection to 911 emergency services.
Dell plans more job cuts as profits slump
Friday 27 Feb 2009 [16:25]
Computer maker Dell has posted a slump in profits for the full year ended 30 January, and it now plans to make a further $1bn in annual cost savings by 2011.
iPhone sales boost O2's UK results
Friday 27 Feb 2009 [9:47]
A million sales of Apple's iPhone helped Telefónica's O2 mobile network outperform its UK rivals, the company revealed today.
Microsoft retail store to open in London
Thursday 26 Feb 2009 [16:12]
As well as a number of other major European cities
Nokia may enter laptop market
Thursday 26 Feb 2009 [11:29]
Mobile phone maker Nokia may decide to enter the laptop market.
Google joins EC war on Microsoft's browser dominance
Wednesday 25 Feb 2009 [16:20]
Google, the internet's most popular search engine, has joined and backed the European Commission's investigation into Microsoft's dominance of the web browser market.
'No Office 14 this year,' says Ballmer
Wednesday 25 Feb 2009 [10:10]
Computer giants Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has confirmed that the company's upcoming Office package, codenamed 14, won't land in 2009.
Google apologises for Gmail outage
Tuesday 24 Feb 2009 [15:54]
Search engine giants Google's popular Gmail webmail service suffered a major outage recently, with the company promising they are doing everything to fix the problem.
Blu-ray sales to top 100 million in 2009
Tuesday 24 Feb 2009 [10:08]
In 2009, sales of Blu-ray disks are set to rise with Japan, America and Europe set to buy over 100,000,000 disks, according to the latest industry forecasts.
Vodafone tests 20 Mbps mobile broadband
Monday 23 Feb 2009 [13:55]
In a move that could ultimately prove very popular to mobile computing users, Vodafone is testing a 3G HSPA+ mobile broadband connecting that could deliver maximum downloads speeds of 20 Mbps.
Woman sues Microsoft over Vista to XP downgrade charge
Thursday 19 Feb 2009 [16:31]
A class-action lawsuit has been filed against computer giants Microsoft by a Californian woman after she was charged $59.25 for downgrading her Windows Vista PC to XP.
Brazil schools get 357,000 virtualised Linux desktops
Thursday 19 Feb 2009 [9:57]
The Brazilian government has financed a virtualization project in schools that will virtualize 357,000 desktops nationwide.
Hack threat to Obama's BlackBerry
Wednesday 18 Feb 2009 [15:41]
US President Barack Obama's much loved BlackBerry is still hackable, says infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick.
Over 177 million internet domains registered
Wednesday 18 Feb 2009 [15:12]
There are now more than 177 million registered internet domains – with a whopping 28 million arriving in 2008 alone.
'Prison-like' conditions for workers making PC parts
Tuesday 17 Feb 2009 [16:25]
A new report claims that Chinese factory workers are working in prison-like conditions for 41 cents an hour to make computer parts for IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Dell.
One in three mobile phone users would change providers
Tuesday 17 Feb 2009 [10:40]
According to a survey released yesterday from YouGov, one in three mobile phone users would change networks if they didn't get what they want.
YouTube to allow users to watch content offline
Monday 16 Feb 2009 [16:16]
Video sharing site YouTube is set to allow users to download and watch videos offline, with some content providers allowed to charge a small amount for the privilege.
Mobile broadband booming in UK
Monday 16 Feb 2009 [10:28]
Further evidence of the seemingly recession-proof nature of the mobile computing and mobile broadband markets has come in the form of two reports from EITO and GSMA.
$250,000 bounty on Conficker worm creators
Friday 13 Feb 2009 [16:11]
Microsoft is offering a $250,000 bounty on finding the creators of the damaging Downadup/Conficker worm.
Microsoft warns firms over skipping Vista to Windows 7
Friday 13 Feb 2009 [9:01]
Microsoft has warned that companies could face operational problems if they try to upgrade to Windows 7 straight from Windows XP.
Freeview HD won't transmit in 1080p
Thursday 12 Feb 2009 [16:30]
Ofcom decision scuppers Full HD Freeview plans
Privacy fear over Google Latitude
Thursday 12 Feb 2009 [10:06]
Privacy watchdogs have strongly criticized Google's new Latitude Software, which pin-points the location of mobile phone users anywhere in the world.
Over half of UK avoids online shopping
Wednesday 11 Feb 2009 [16:11]
A new survey has show that over half of the UK populations still do not shop online. Most people citing credit card security risks as the reason they stick to the high street.
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