Facebook is the UK's third biggest addiction
Wednesday 11 Feb 2009 [8:54]
Facebook has been found to be the third most addictive thing in the UK after a study of 3,000 under-30s.
Kaspersky's website hacked
Tuesday 10 Feb 2009 [16:26]
The security firm Kaspersky has downplayed claims that its US website was hacked this weekend, exposing a database containing customer details.
Cern's LHC restart slips to September
Tuesday 10 Feb 2009 [11:17]
CERN scientists have revealed that the Large Hadron Collider (LHD) restart has been pushed back to September.
eBay in knife sale controversy
Monday 09 Feb 2009 [16:18]
Internet auction site eBay is set to appear on BBC1's Watchdog program tonight after being accused of selling knives illegally.
NEC to pull out of European PC market
Monday 09 Feb 2009 [9:09]
Recession forces it to withdraw to home territory
Cisco to lay off up to 6,700 staff as outlook deteriorates
Thursday 05 Feb 2009 [16:25]
Cisco Systems may cut up to 6,700 staff following CEO John Chambers'forecast that revenue will drop more sharply than expected.
Motorola trials 4G in Swindon
Thursday 05 Feb 2009 [8:45]
Swindon is the place where faster 4G mobile networks might take off in the UK.
Windows 7 versions officially announced
Wednesday 04 Feb 2009 [9:26]
Software giants Microsoft have officially announced the different version of Windows 7.
Vodafone sees 30% increase in UK mobile data sales
Tuesday 03 Feb 2009 [16:41]
Vodafone has announced it has seen a 30% increase in UK sales figures from data services in the last three months of 2008.
Dive into Google Earth 5.0
Tuesday 03 Feb 2009 [9:29]
Google has launched Google Earth 5.0 today, which expands Google Earth to reach beneath the waves, allows free GPS uploads and even heads across the empty reaches of space to Mars.
Woolworths to launch online store in summer
Monday 02 Feb 2009 [16:03]
Woolworths is set to be re-launched as an online retailer by Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, the owners of the Daily Telegraph and Shop Direct.
BA to offer transatlantic text and mobile services
Monday 02 Feb 2009 [9:10]
British Airways plans to launch a new text and mobile service for all customers on its new all business class route from London City Airport to New York FJK later this year.
Google's Chrome gets webmail and security updates
Friday 30 Jan 2009 [16:27]
Google has patched the latest versions of Chrome to make the browser work better with Microsoft's Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.
Google offers offline Gmail system
Friday 30 Jan 2009 [8:52]
Google is now offering its offline Gmail system to enable email users to carry on working on their webmail even when they don't have an internet connection.
Digital Britain report: key points revealed
Thursday 29 Jan 2009 [16:21]
Communications Minister Lord Carter has released his long-awaited Digital Britain interim report, making key recommendation on file sharing, policing the internet, the future of Channel 4, as well as urging that broadband should be a right for all of UK.
Does Your Laptop Call It Quits Before You Do?
Thursday 29 Jan 2009 [8:24]
Keeping your laptop up and running without the benefit of an outlet requires smart, effective use of your battery's energy. Here are a few things you can do to make surey our laptop doesn't power down before you're ready to call it quits.
WD officially announces 2TB drive
Wednesday 28 Jan 2009 [8:58]
Western Digital (WD) has officially announced that it plans to launch a two terabyte hard drive.
Job website hit by major breach
Tuesday 27 Jan 2009 [16:15]
Hackers are believed to have stolen the personal details of millions of people using the online job site Monster.
Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8 RC1
Tuesday 27 Jan 2009 [9:07]
Microsoft has released its first release candidate (RC1) of Internet Explorer the software that it is hoping will maintain its place as the most popular internet browser.
Councils spending record amount on IT
Monday 26 Jan 2009 [14:06]
According to the Society of IT managers (Socitm), who represent public sector IT staff, councils will spend a record amount on IT in 2008/09.
Microsoft financial results: 5,000 jobs cut
Monday 26 Jan 2009 [10:54]
It has been reported that Microsoft is to shed 5,000 jobs following what was worse that expected financial results for its second quarter.
Intel to close chip plants, 6,000 jobs losses expected
Thursday 22 Jan 2009 [14:52]
Intel is to close two of it's chip manufacturing plants and two of its test facilities by the end of the year, with up to 6,000 job losses expected.
Patient appointments cancelled due to PC virus
Thursday 22 Jan 2009 [10:36]
According to the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, patient appointments are being cancelled due to Malware problems.
IBM bucks recession with strong financial results for Q4
Wednesday 21 Jan 2009 [15:03]
IBM has issued a largely positive fourth quarter financial result and a strong 2009 profit prediction despite the global economic downturn.
Police use Motor Insurance Database to enforce new measures
Wednesday 21 Jan 2009 [14:26]
The government is to give wider access to the Motor Insurance Database to enforcement agencies to clamp down on uninsured drivers.
9,000 USB sticks taken to the cleaners
Tuesday 20 Jan 2009 [10:04]
An estimate of 9,000 USB sticks has been left in people's pockets when they take their clothes to the dry cleaner.
Over 200 delegates attend 2nd day of Intersec Conference
Monday 19 Jan 2009 [13:31]
Intersec trade fair and conference is now firmly established in the international calendar as one of the foremost homeland security & policing, commercial security, fire & rescue, counter terrorism, information security, and safety & health exhibitions.
Windows worm numbers 'skyrocket'
Monday 19 Jan 2009 [11:09]
Infections of a worm that spreads through low security networks, memory sticks, and PCs without the latest security updates is "skyrocketing".
Is 95% of the world's digital music pirated?
Friday 16 Jan 2009 [15:21]
According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, a staggering 95% of digital music is illegal.
PC shipments down for first time since 2001
Friday 16 Jan 2009 [13:42]
PC shipments worldwide have dropped in the fourth quarter for the first time since 2001 according to analyst IDC.
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