YouTube messaging system 'compromised' to spread malware
Thursday 15 Jan 2009 [14:01]
It has reported by PandaLabs that YouTube's message sending system has been partly compromised by cyber-crooks to spread malware.
Steve Jobs takes medical leave of absence
Thursday 15 Jan 2009 [10:44]
Apple's Steve Jobs is stepping down from running the company according to a letter that has been released.
Yahoo announces Yang replacement
Wednesday 14 Jan 2009 [13:42]
Yahoo has appointed Carol Bartz, the former Autodesk chief to succeed Jerry Yang as the internet company's chief executive officer.
AVG snaps up behavior-based threat detection firm
Tuesday 13 Jan 2009 [15:59]
Net security firm AVG, best known for its free-of-charge anti-virus tool has bought anti-ID theft software firm 'Sana Security'. The financial terms of the deal, which were announced on Tuesday, were undisclosed.
Online sales jump 30% despite "dreadful" Xmas for retailers
Tuesday 13 Jan 2009 [11:41]
For many retailers, online sales grew 30% over Christmas, despite it being the "worst December in history".
Microsoft cans 2.5m Windows 7 limit
Monday 12 Jan 2009 [14:32]
Microsoft has responded to the overwhelming demand for Windows 7 by opening it out beyond its original limit of 2.5 million downloads.
Each Google search produces 7g of CO2
Monday 12 Jan 2009 [13:36]
According to research by Harvard University, for each two searches on Google, an equal amount of carbon dioxide is produced to that of a boiling kettle, a claim that Google has quickly refuted.
UK broadband far slower than advertised
Friday 09 Jan 2009 [15:21]
Internet users in the UK are only achieving an average broadband speed of just 3.6 megabits per second according to a study from Ofcom
Only one way to beat ID fraud
Thursday 08 Jan 2009 [13:35]
According to consumer magazine 'Which?' the only way to avoid ID fraud is to take a hammer to your old PC.
Police get another 30m for mobile data devices
Wednesday 07 Jan 2009 [14:52]
The government is giving the police another 30m to fund the deployment of mobile data devices to officers on the beat.
Broadband drops 25% at peak times
Tuesday 06 Jan 2009 [14:10]
According to comparison website '', UK broadband speeds drop by over 25% at peak times.
Internet Explorer market share falls to 68%
Tuesday 06 Jan 2009 [11:42]
Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser is continuing to lose market share to rival browsers according to Net Applications, an analytics company.
Online storage start-up pitches 'USB stick on the internet'
Monday 05 Jan 2009 [16:01] is offering small businesses a simpler way to create online backups of their files and data.
Opera: mobile web browsing up 94%
Tuesday 23 Dec 2008 [14:25]
According to web browser provider Opera, web usage on mobile phones nearly doubled in 2008.
Windows XP given another reprieve
Tuesday 23 Dec 2008 [10:03]
Software giants Microsoft have announced that they will be giving an extension to the life of its workhorse operating system, Windows XP.
BBC rekindles Woolworths DVD buyout
Monday 22 Dec 2008 [16:36]
The BBC is in crucial talks today in an attempt to negotiate a sale of 2entertain, the DVD distributor it owns with Woolworths.
Middle East could go dark as net cables cut
Monday 22 Dec 2008 [10:09]
The Middle East is on the verge of an internet blackout after three out of four undersea cables were mysteriously cut at the weekend.
Firefox browser patched for critical security flaws
Friday 19 Dec 2008 [15:47]
Mozilla has released a critical security update to its web browser, Firefox.
Download Internet Exporer patch now
Thursday 18 Dec 2008 [10:10]
The much anticipated security patch for Microsoft's Internet Explorer is now available from the companied security website.
Internet Explorer patch out later today
Wednesday 17 Dec 2008 [11:55]
Microsoft is set to release a patch later today to protect users from the Internet Explorer security hole that has attacked millions of users around the world.
iTunes presents security risk to company networks
Tuesday 16 Dec 2008 [13:53]
Many businesses could be at risk from hacking if end-users download iPhone applications from Apple's iTunes using company PC's
Broadband uptake is grinding to a halt
Tuesday 16 Dec 2008 [11:10]
A report from Deloitte has shown that Broadband uptake has slowed to just 0.5% in the third quarter of 2008.
Security hole in Internet Explorer exploited by hackers
Monday 15 Dec 2008 [15:36]
An unpatched security hole in Internet Explorer that is being exploited by hackers potentially affects all versions of the browser, Microsoft Says.
Amazon staff work seven-day week without sick leave.
Monday 15 Dec 2008 [11:33]
Amazon has been found to be forcing British staff to work almost seven days a week in the run-up to Christmas, and is threatening to sack them if they take time of work for being sick.
US teacher detains student for using Linux
Friday 12 Dec 2008 [15:33]
Texas teacher accuses HeliOS of embroiling her pupils in possible "illegal" activity
Google Chrome out of beta.
Friday 12 Dec 2008 [14:15]
Internet search giant's Google has announced that its web browser 'Chrome' has been taken out of beta
Thursday 11 Dec 2008 [15:36]
Almost 90% of company security officers (CSO's) believe that software-as-a-service (SaaS) will replace enterprise software for mission-critical applications.
Intel tops netbook vendor ranking
Thursday 11 Dec 2008 [11:48]
The latest evaluation of the worldwide netbook platform area by ABI research has shown that Intel has emerges as the market leaders.
Raids net police 1m in pirate game and movie discs
Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 [15:21]
UK police have raided a factory in the West midlands where pirate films, games and music worth an estimated street value of 1m were being produced.
Microsoft Office to enter cloud computing
Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 [12:17]
Microsoft is set to change tack in 2009 and make a version of its Office suite available online.
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