Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 [15:39]
Many IT pupils at two schools failed their computer courses after their work was submitted in an incorrect format.
Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 [11:41]
A report by a former senior Ofsted inspector, Jim Rose, has said that IT should be "at the core" of the primary curriculum and taught across all subjects.
Mobile banking to take off in a big way
Monday 08 Dec 2008 [15:59]
According to a survey of 1,000 people, mobile banking is set to be the most widely used banking channel in the UK.
'Koobface' worm variant hits Facebook
Monday 08 Dec 2008 [11:40]
A variant of the 'Koobface' worm has hit the users of popular social networking site Facebook.
Windows 7 Beta 1 available from January?
Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 [16:05]
Microsoft plans to release the first beta of Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista, as early as next January.
Logitech ships its one billionth mouse
Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 [15:23]
Manufacturer hits landmark on mouse's 40th birthday
Virgin's 50Mb broadband arriving December 15?
Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 [11:40]
Mystery event looks certain to be launch conference
Windows market share drops below 90%
Tuesday 02 Dec 2008 [15:57]
New statistics show that the percentage of Windows users have dropped below 90% for the first time in 2 years last month.
Firms buy second-hand PC's to stick with Windows XP
Tuesday 02 Dec 2008 [9:48]
Business's are buying second-hand PC's running Windows XP as a cheap way to keep mission-critical applications running.
Virgin offers mobile internet for 30p a day
Monday 01 Dec 2008 [15:41]
From the 8th of December, Virgin Mobile will be offering it's customers a 30p a day mobile internet tariff.
Christmas-themed malware attacks are doing the rounds
Monday 01 Dec 2008 [12:10]
Security firm Websense is warning people about emails that seem to be claiming a link to animated Christmas cards.
Apple's 'Really Fast' ad banned in U.K.
Thursday 27 Nov 2008 [15:26]
An Apple iPhone advert has been banned in the United Kingdom for being misleading. This is the second Apple iPhone ad to be banned in four months.
Google Chrome browser statistics better than reported
Thursday 27 Nov 2008 [11:35]
Chrome, the new Google web browser, is steadily becoming ever more popular as the usage of the browser marks a significant rise in the month of October.
Many NHS data losses in last two years.
Wednesday 26 Nov 2008 [15:51]
Confidential data belonging to the NHS has been found in a skip, a garden, the boot of a car, and on the street in the past two years.
Cisco to close over New Year in attempt to cut costs
Wednesday 26 Nov 2008 [9:39]
Cisco, the network equipment maker's will be shutting down its UK operations for four days over the New Year which could save the company $1bn in costs.
Mobile internet growing in popularity
Tuesday 25 Nov 2008 [11:46]
Research has found that almost eight million mobile phone owners in the UK use their handsets to access the internet.
Is Microsoft to re-brand Live Search?
Monday 24 Nov 2008 [15:02]
Many rumors are circulating about Microsoft and the re-branding of it's 'Live Search' search engine
Government loses 53 computers in a year
Friday 21 Nov 2008 [14:13]
The government have announced that in the year since HMRC mislaid two disks that contained details of 25 million people, 53 laptops or desktop computers have been lost.
Wikipedia set for video media?
Thursday 20 Nov 2008 [15:07]
Wikipedia's decision to increase the server capacity will herald a new era for the online encyclopaedia.
BBC to stream main channels on internet
Thursday 20 Nov 2008 [11:25]
From the 27th of November, the BBC will live stream BBC One and Two using its popular iPlayer service.
McAfee acquire Secure Computing for $462 million
Wednesday 19 Nov 2008 [14:07]
Antivirus software company McAfee have now completed a deal worth $462m in the acquisition of Secure Computing
Warrington first to get Virgin Media 50Mb/s
Wednesday 19 Nov 2008 [12:18]
200 customers in Warrington, Cheshire, have been invited to Virgin Media to be the first to try its forthcoming 50Mb/s broadband package at no extra cost for two months.
Intel unveils 'fastest desktop chip on earth'
Tuesday 18 Nov 2008 [15:18]
The first Nehalem desktop processor has been unveiled by Intel. According to Intel, it is 40% faster when dealing with web and multimedia applications.
Microsoft releases cheaper servers for small firms
Monday 17 Nov 2008 [15:39]
Microsoft has released cheaper servers to help small and midsize businesses to "save money and compete in a global marketplace".
BT extends broadband base to hold 27% market share
Monday 17 Nov 2008 [12:12]
According to BT's results their slice in the broadband market has grown by a net 258,000 extra connections, which brings the company to 27% of the available market.
AVG security update cripples Windows XP machines
Friday 14 Nov 2008 [14:40]
A security update released by AVG security software has crippled many PC's running Windows XP.
Google Android phone hit by texting bug.
Friday 14 Nov 2008 [11:23]
The G1 Google Android phone that is currently sold by T-Mobile has hit a texting bug that restarts the phone.
USB3.0 - transfer 250 albums a minute
Thursday 13 Nov 2008 [14:04]
At the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference this week, some interesting revelations were made regarding just how powerful the new USB 3.0 technology us going to be.
75% of UK internet users buy online
Thursday 13 Nov 2008 [10:28]
A recent article on The Retail Bulletin, which is based on BT's 21st Century Life index has reveled that 75% of UK internet users now buy online.
Virgin Media to cut 2,500 jobs
Wednesday 12 Nov 2008 [13:22]
2,500 jobs are set to be slashed as Virgin Media announce that from next year it plans to cut costs and help reduce the company's debt.
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