One sale from every 12.5m spam emails still gives profit.
Wednesday 12 Nov 2008 [10:40]
Spammers get one response for every 12.5 million e-mails they are sending, researchers who hacked into the infamous Storm Spam network have found.
Apple overtakes Blackberry in smartphone market
Tuesday 11 Nov 2008 [13:40]
Blackberry makers RIM have been taken over by Apple as the number two smartphone provider, says analyst Canalys.
Hand-held computers make police less efficient, say officers
Tuesday 11 Nov 2008 [10:10]
Seventy percent of police officers say that hand-held devices that are designed to cut time spent in the office have actually made them less efficient.
Up to 10,000 websites hacked into says Kaspersky
Monday 10 Nov 2008 [14:41]
A widespread website attack has been launched by hackers, were malicious links are placed on up to 10,000 web servers, says security software firm Kaspersky Lab.
Windows 7 could be launched by December 2009 says Microsoft
Monday 10 Nov 2008 [9:14]
Windows 7, Microsoft's next operating system, could be set to launch by Christmas time 2009 says Microsoft's Doug Howe
Speedy USB 3.0 spec to be unveiled
Friday 07 Nov 2008 [14:22]
The SuperSpeed USB (USB3.0) Developers Conference which is held on the 17th will see the new USB 3.0 specifications unveiled
Microsoft will not go back, says CEO
Friday 07 Nov 2008 [11:31]
In response for yesterday's news that Yahoo was prepared to sell to Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO has insisted that there is no hope of a U-turn over the purchase of Yahoo
Yahoo tells Microsoft: 'Buy us'
Thursday 06 Nov 2008 [15:38]
The "For Sale" sign is still on the front lawn according to Yahoo, and that Microsoft should buy the company.
Google pulls out of Yahoo deal
Thursday 06 Nov 2008 [9:26]
It has been announced by Google that it is going to be abandoning its deal with rival Yahoo over search advertising.
Retailers push the MP3 format with new logo
Wednesday 05 Nov 2008 [13:42]
Seven major UK online stores are set to mark MP3 music downloads with a new MP3 compatible sign.
Microsoft slashes price of Windows Home Server
Wednesday 05 Nov 2008 [10:12]
Microsoft is set to slash its prices of its Windows Home Server software. It is to be slashed by 30% and will be available for the system builder.
Two-thirds of firms are using cloud computing, despite risks
Tuesday 04 Nov 2008 [15:17]
According to a survey from Citrix, cloud Computing has now been embraced by two in three businesses, despite awareness of security and management risks.
Government Not Doing Enough To Fight E-crime
Tuesday 04 Nov 2008 [12:01]
A survey of 3,500 people by Corporate IT Forum has shown that moral is low amongst businesses when it comes to the general perception of how the government is tackling the growing rate of e-crime.
Data blunder rocks faith in government security record
Monday 03 Nov 2008 [15:15]
Faith in the government's ability to keep citizens' personal information safe has been dealt yet another blow by a new case of data loss.
Laptop manufacturers recall 100,000 fire hazard batteries
Monday 03 Nov 2008 [11:37]
Three of the world's biggest laptop makers are recalling fire hazard batteries.
Internet changing brains, claims UCLA scientist
Thursday 30 Oct 2008 [14:29]
According to a scientist from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the World Wide Web is altering the way out brains work.
Cybercrime wave sweeping Britain
Thursday 30 Oct 2008 [10:29]
Cybercrime in the UK rose by more than 9% in 2007, according to a new report.
Tackle BT/Virgin duopoly, Ofcom told
Wednesday 29 Oct 2008 [16:23]
Many CIO's of businesses are asking questions about the national broadband after a blizzard of reports last month regarding the future of the national broadband networks was released.
Microsoft make announcement regarding Windows 7
Wednesday 29 Oct 2008 [11:53]
Microsoft were promising great things last year in the form of the way we use computers thanks to Microsoft Vista. However, after 18 months and plenty of criticism to follow, the company yesterday unveiled Vista's successor, Windows 7
Microsoft gets ready to announce Windows 7
Tuesday 28 Oct 2008 [14:37]
Technology giant Microsoft as had a turbulent year so far, and have finally laid out its vision of the future by unveiling not only a new cloud computing system, but another version of Windows too.
Alarm raised on teenage hackers
Tuesday 28 Oct 2008 [10:27]
Experts say that an increasing number of teenagers are beginning to dabble in hi-tech crime.
Microsoft to ship Vista SP2 beta to testers this week
Monday 27 Oct 2008 [14:55]
It was said last Friday by Microsoft that it would be delivering the beta of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) in the coming week to a limited number of testers.
BT announce two trial areas for super-fast broadband
Tuesday 14 Oct 2008 [14:55]
It has been announced by British Telecom (BT) the two areas it will begin testing its new super-fast broadband system.
BBC iPlayer adds mobile downloads
Friday 10 Oct 2008 [15:53]
The popular BBC iplayer will now be available for its users to download television programs to mobile devices that are capable of playing back the content that is protected by Windows Media digital rights management.
Broadband must be a spending priority
Friday 10 Oct 2008 [13:03]
For the economic health of the nation, the government would do better to bankroll an optical fibre rollout rather than prop up profligate banks
BSkyB employee data stolen
Friday 10 Oct 2008 [9:46]
It has been reveled that a laptop owned by consultancy Deloitte has been stolen. This laptop held some very important information about staff under BSkyB's pension plan.
Symantec set to buy MessageLabs
Thursday 09 Oct 2008 [15:45]
The British messaging security firm MessageLabs is set to be sold to Symantec for an estimated $695m.
Google's Plan For Drunk Emailers
Wednesday 08 Oct 2008 [14:02]
Internet search giants Google has come up with a brilliant idea to stop people sending embarrassing e-mails when they are drunk!
eBay, the online auction house looks set to axe 1,000 jobs.
Tuesday 07 Oct 2008 [11:41]
This could save eBay around 85m in costs per year. While eBay will save 85m per year, they are also going to make three acquisitions worth up to 740m.
Government to spy on UK communications with 12bn database
Monday 06 Oct 2008 [13:30]
Plans are being considered by government ministers to invest an estimated 12bn on a database that will monitor and store emails, texts and calls made throughout the UK.
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