Fujitsu may exit hard drive market
Friday 03 Oct 2008 [13:32]
Fujitsu, the Japanese computing giant, is reportedly looking to sell of its hard drive business to a rival company.
The 10 device that could improve your broadband connection!
Thursday 02 Oct 2008 [15:18]
Television, lights and other electrical wiring could be the reason to poor broadband speeds in Britain; according to BT. this is because of all the electrical interference they cause.
Royal Mail to issue mobile computers to 25,000 staff
Wednesday 01 Oct 2008 [16:19]
25,000 Royal Mail postal delivery staff are to be given mobile computers so that they can record the progress of tracked packages.
Mafia make use of social network sites
Friday 26 Sep 2008 [15:23]
To much personal information is being shared online by staff from profitable businesses a former undercover FBI agent has warned. These staff members are making them selves vulnerable to extortion from the Russian and Italian Mafia.
Thursday 25 Sep 2008 [15:47]
A leading internet innovator has warned that the world could run out internet protocol (IP) addresses as early as next year.
London to be a 'Wi-Fi' city?
Wednesday 24 Sep 2008 [16:10]
If London Mayor Boris Johnson gets his way, London could soon become a "Wi-Fi city" with blanket coverage for all.
Pretec breaks flash memory record
Tuesday 23 Sep 2008 [15:13]
The flash memory bar has been set even higher by the company Pretec, with the launch of the new 64GB and 100GB CF memory cards at Photokina this year.
'I wonder what'll happen if I unplug this one'
Monday 22 Sep 2008 [16:29]
A worker at Telecity has shut down several ISP's and their Customers across the country when he started pulling plugs at one of its datacenters.
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is back up and running.
Thursday 18 Sep 2008 [16:11]
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is back up and running and ready to start smashing its first particles together early next week after engineers worked on a few glitches found on the 3.5 billion "big bang machine".
The Liberty Stadium Business Show 2008
Wednesday 17 Sep 2008 [16:03]
Comex IT will be attending this years business show on Thursday 18th September 2008, 10.00 17.00 at Liberty Stadium, Swansea
'Big bang' experiment is hacked
Monday 15 Sep 2008 [16:33]
A group that called its self the 'Greek Security Team' hacked into a computer that was connected to the system last Wednesday.
Monday 15 Sep 2008 [12:22]
Traditional voicemail could soon be at an end if the new voice recognition technology goes mainstream.
UK are top spenders when it comes to gadgets
Friday 12 Sep 2008 [16:35]
Statistics show Britain spends on average 24 billion a year on electronic items
BT exchange break-in
Friday 12 Sep 2008 [14:58]
A London BT exchange suffered a break-in with millions of pounds of telecoms equipment stolen.
MessageLabs Intelligence August 2008
Wednesday 10 Sep 2008 [14:08]
Google's Picasa Web Albums and Flash Content Debut as Spam Hosting Techniques. Botnet Expansion Credited With 160 Percent Increase in Spam Volumes .
30 billion for fiber-optic broadband
Monday 08 Sep 2008 [16:17]
It will cost around 30 billion to bringing the UK's communications into the 21st century.
Rise of netbooks sales sees USB drives replace CDs
Thursday 04 Sep 2008 [13:26]
Software firms turning to USB drives as PC's drop optical drives
8 million Apple iPhone's sold
Wednesday 03 Sep 2008 [14:26]
Apple are well on their way to a 10 million sales target
Google's new web browser
Tuesday 02 Sep 2008 [12:20]
To compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox, Google are releasing their own open source web browser.
Microsoft Office 12's launch date is fast approaching.
Friday 29 Aug 2008 [16:29]
Will Office 12 be good enough for people to go through the pain of upgrading?
Electron beam machine ready to build next-gen HDDs
Thursday 28 Aug 2008 [13:58]
Patterned media drives coming soon courtesy of Pioneer Japan
The international space station (ISS) has a computer virus
Wednesday 27 Aug 2008 [15:33]
This virus is known as 'Gammima.AG.'
Customers' bank data sold through eBay
Tuesday 26 Aug 2008 [16:39]
Computer from eBay: 35. Finding out you've just bought a million customers' bank records: priceless
The processor that will form the core of Intels product line
Thursday 21 Aug 2008 [10:53]
Intel has released information about Nehalem, or Core i7 as it now officially know at the Intel developer's forum in San Francisco.
HP target big IT spenders
Wednesday 20 Aug 2008 [16:54]
HP is going to be targeting the biggest spenders in IT when it completes its purchase of EDS later this month
ipod Nanos overheating
Tuesday 19 Aug 2008 [16:46]
There have been reports of Apple's ipod Nano overheating
Fiber Optic Connection for East Africa
Monday 18 Aug 2008 [16:46]
System should be up and running before the football world cup
BBC iplayer receives update
Friday 15 Aug 2008 [16:39]
After a recent update for Adobe Flash, the BBC have been able to start encoding video content at a higher bitrate
Mobile broadband demand soaring, says Ofcom
Thursday 14 Aug 2008 [16:51]
Ofcom, has revealed in a report today that demand for mobile broadband is skyrocketing.
Wednesday 13 Aug 2008 [17:02]
The self-taught hacker, Gary McKinnon, has been granted a two week delay by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
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