Swansea first in Wales for digital switchover
Tuesday 12 Aug 2008 [16:52]
Swansea are first in Wales to lose analogue signal and switch to digital
Spam attacks quadruple
Friday 08 Aug 2008 [16:04]
Since the beginning of the year, spam attacks have quadrupled in the UK
'Forge-proof' passports can be faked
Thursday 07 Aug 2008 [15:44]
The Times shows new RFID chips are easily copied
Nvidia chipset exit story
Wednesday 06 Aug 2008 [14:53]
Nvidia strongly denies chipset exit story
3/4 of UK web surfers use Google as their search engine
Tuesday 05 Aug 2008 [15:51]
As nearest rival eBay is at just 5%
New Firewire Upgrade Announced
Tuesday 05 Aug 2008 [10:33]
Speeds of 3.2Gbps achieved with new Firewire upgrade
Internet Olympics ticket scam uncovered
Monday 04 Aug 2008 [15:41]
Bogus sites are selling illegitimate tickets to unsuspecting victims.
Skype: ubiquitous high quality video calling
Monday 04 Aug 2008 [9:30]
Director of Product Management outlines the future VoIP vision
Ofcom to investigate alleged BT price squeeze
Friday 01 Aug 2008 [15:57]
Ofcom is to investigate complaints from network resellers Thus and Gamma Telecom that BT is trying to squeeze them out of the wholesale market in end-to-end voice calls.
Google accused on privacy views
Friday 01 Aug 2008 [15:05]
Google has been accused of "hypocrisy" over its stance on personal privacy.
Apple's MobileMe highlights security flaw
Friday 01 Aug 2008 [11:38]
Apple's recently launched MobileMe service has highlighted some of the problems which have increasingly been associated with web 2.0 applications.
Yahoo, HP, Intel Team
Thursday 31 Jul 2008 [15:34]
HP, Intel, and Yahoo create global cloud computing research test
Royal Mail unveils details of 1.2bn IT spend
Thursday 31 Jul 2008 [11:06]
Royal Mail has lifted the wraps on how it plans to spend up to 1.2bn on IT-related projects over the next three to four years as it fights growing competition from rival delivery services.
Most Vista Business Buyers Downgrade To Windows XP, HP Says:
Wednesday 30 Jul 2008 [14:08]
PCs downgraded from Windows Vista to XP represent "the majority of business computers we are selling today," says an HP marketing manager.
Search site aims to rival Google
Tuesday 29 Jul 2008 [14:13]
Former workers at the web giant Google have launched a rival search engine.
Google gives GMail always-on encryption
Tuesday 29 Jul 2008 [10:30]
Google is adding a much-demanded feature to its email service that offers improved security by ensuring users get an encrypted connection each time they access their account via a web connection.
Sophos bids 217m for data loss firm
Tuesday 29 Jul 2008 [10:15]
UK-based net security firm Sophos has launched a 217m ($342m) bid to buy data loss prevention firm Utimaco. Sophos intends to offer 14.75 per Utimaco share, a premium of 92 per cent on its closing price of 7.68 on Friday.
Exploit code targets Mac OS X, iTunes, Java, Winzip...
Tuesday 29 Jul 2008 [9:53]
A researcher from Argentina has released an exploit package that can install malware on end user machines that run iTunes, Mac OS X, Winzip and a host of other popular software.
Microsoft Launch IE8 Beta 1
Friday 18 Jul 2008 [10:30]
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Launched
Malicious Spammers Deliver Fake UPS invoices
Friday 18 Jul 2008 [9:55]
Malicious spammers are sending fake UPS (United Parcel Services) invoices to unsuspecting recipients forcing them to downloading malicious components from the web.
Comex Issues Wifi Advice
Friday 18 Jul 2008 [9:34]
An unsecured wireless network can allow people to piggyback onto your internet connection without paying. Not only can this impact on your network ........
Comex IT Launches website.
Tuesday 01 Jul 2008 [12:22]
Comex IT launches the first release of the website today.
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