Thursday 14 Apr 2011 [11:21]
The BAPCO conference and exhibition opened yesterday and saw hundreds of visitors descend on the Business Design Centre in Islington to see the latest cost-saving technologies and services from leading suppliers.
Thursday 24 Mar 2011 [11:47]
The iPad 2 will go on sale in the UK on Friday for less than the launch price of its predecessor, Apple has confirmed.
Thursday 20 Jan 2011 [10:07]
Apple has reported record revenue of $26.74bn and net quarterly profit of $6bn in financial results for its 2011 first quarter ended December 25, 2010.
Internet telephony company Skype has agreed to acquire Qik
Friday 07 Jan 2011 [12:17]
Internet telephony company Skype has agreed to acquire Qik, a provider of mobile video capturing and sharing software and services.
Thursday 02 Dec 2010 [10:40]
Global PC shipments for 2010 fell short of expectations due to delayed purchases and competition from mobile devices
Friday 26 Nov 2010 [14:50]
Broadband speeds in Europe have risen sharply in only a year, suggest official EC figures.
Apple-I computer sells for 133,250 at auction
Thursday 25 Nov 2010 [10:31]
One of the first batch of Apple personal computers has sold at auction in London for 133,250 ($210,000).
Thursday 18 Nov 2010 [8:58]
Malware growth has reached its highest levels, with an average of 60,000 new pieces of malware identified every day.
Thursday 04 Nov 2010 [9:37]
Google and Facebook lined up to invest
Sophos launches free antivirus software for Macs
Wednesday 03 Nov 2010 [8:36]
Warns that Macs will be the target of more malware
Internet Explorer market share falls below 50%
Thursday 07 Oct 2010 [8:17]
While Google Chrome use triples...
Kingston announces USB 3.0 memory stick
Tuesday 14 Sep 2010 [16:52]
Latest SuperSpeed tech hits USB sticks
BT connects 15 million UK homes to broadband
Tuesday 31 Aug 2010 [16:29]
Total for UK beyond 19 million
Fortunes Turn For IT Firm HP's Scottish Base
Thursday 26 Aug 2010 [8:34]
A global computer company that axed around 700 jobs from a factory in Scotland last year has announced it is creating 700 new positions at the same site.
Wednesday 21 Jul 2010 [16:46]
Buoyant times as consumers and businesses upgrade
Amazon UK launches grocery sales
Thursday 08 Jul 2010 [14:45]
Online retailer Amazon, better known for selling books and electrical goods, has started offering food and drink in the UK for the first time.
Apple sells 1.7 million iPhone 4s in first three days
Wednesday 30 Jun 2010 [9:11]
Apple claims it sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s in its first three days, outstripping analysts' forecasts and setting a record for a new version of the device.'s World Cup coverage hit by technical glitch
Wednesday 16 Jun 2010 [16:30]'s dedicated World Cup website, ITV Live, left football fans unable to watch the opening game of the tournament online following a technical error.
Google denies WiFi data collection broke law
Monday 14 Jun 2010 [10:09]
Google has told US Congress that it broke no law in collecting data from unsecured private Wi-Fi networks as the company recorded images for its Street View service in over 30 countries.
iPhone 4 given 24 June UK release date
Tuesday 08 Jun 2010 [8:48]
Carphone Warehouse announces pre-registration
Apple shifts two million iPads in less than two months
Tuesday 01 Jun 2010 [16:48]
Apple claims that iPad sales have topped two million in less than 60 days since its launch on 3 April.
Queen's speech: Cuts start with ID cards,
Wednesday 26 May 2010 [11:04]
but broadband still a priority.
Treasury puts immediate freeze on all new IT spend over 1m
Monday 24 May 2010 [15:57]
The UK government has imposed an immediate freeze on all new IT spending above 1m, and reviews of the biggest IT projects are being set up to see which can be stopped.
YouTube notches up two billion daily views in five years
Tuesday 18 May 2010 [14:53]
YouTube is marking its fifth anniversary by announcing the service has exceeded two billion daily views, demonstrating rapid growth in popularity since reaching the one billion-mark late in 2009.
Nokia steps up patent battle with Apple over iPhone and iPad
Tuesday 11 May 2010 [8:45]
Nokia is suing Apple for five alleged patent infringements related to mobile speech and data transmission, location data integration and antenna technologies used in the iPhone and iPad 3G.
Internet Explorer market share dips under 60%
Wednesday 05 May 2010 [11:25]
Worst share since 1999
NHS 'losing 1bn a year' through lack of simple IT
Tuesday 04 May 2010 [15:09]
Nurses in the UK are spending about 26 days a year searching for missing equipment and paper-based records, wasting 1bn in wage costs.
iPhone and Mac sales boost Apple profits
Wednesday 21 Apr 2010 [11:30]
Apple has sold 8.75 million iPhones in the March quarter, a 131 per cent year on year increase, with Mac sales also going through the roof in the company's most profitable non-holiday quarter of all time.
Google results beat expectations, but fails to impress.
Monday 19 Apr 2010 [10:43]
Internet firm Google has reported better-than-expected revenues of $6.77bn for the first three months of 2010, delivering earnings of $6.76 a share compared with forecasts of $6.60.
Village builds its own fibre network after BT says 'no'
Wednesday 14 Apr 2010 [11:55]
With providers deciding it would be too expensive to provide Lyddington with a high-speed broadband network, the village's residents decided to build their own.
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