Download XP compatibility for Windows 7 now
Tuesday 13 Apr 2010 [9:19]
Users can now download from Microsoft the final code for Windows XP Mode software, which enables Windows 7 PCs run XP in a compatibility mode.
Labour ditches 50p broadband tax
Saturday 10 Apr 2010 [10:00]
Government plans to fund high-speed broadband networks were in disarray after ministers admitted there was not enough time to debate the proposed 50p per month tax on fixed-wire phones.
Jobs lifts lid on iPad sales figures
Friday 09 Apr 2010 [10:06]
450,000 iPads have been sold, 600,000 iBooks downloaded already.
Large Hadron Collider experiment a success
Wednesday 31 Mar 2010 [9:11]
The Large Hadron Collider has seen collisions for the first time, ushering in a new era for particle physics.
Police open computer forensics schools to industry
Friday 26 Mar 2010 [16:43]
Police are planning to collaborate with industry by opening police computer forensics training to IT professionals.
Koobface worm can double command and control servers in 48h
Monday 15 Mar 2010 [9:44]
The Koobface worm, which targets social networking sites, can double the number of command and control (C&C) servers in 48 hours, says security firm Kaspersky Lab.
Monday 08 Mar 2010 [16:16]
Nearly 50% of IT directors plan to hire staff in 2010 after two years of staffing cuts across the sector.
Britons 'waste' 52bn a year on gadgets
Wednesday 03 Mar 2010 [14:34]
According to Sky HD survey.
Google donates $2m to Wikimedia Foundation
Friday 19 Feb 2010 [8:51]
Google is to donate $2m to the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs and maintains Wikipedia and other free, multilingual content for wiki-based projects.
Microsoft security updates cripple XP computers
Friday 12 Feb 2010 [15:28]
Microsoft's monthly security updates for February have left Windows XP users unable to restart their computers.
Free upgrade to Office 2010 for Office 2007 users?
Wednesday 10 Feb 2010 [10:38]
Microsoft has revealed its upgrade plans from Office 2007 to Office 2010 in a blog post to resellers.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday equals record with 13 updates
Tuesday 09 Feb 2010 [16:45]
Microsoft plans to release 13 security updates on 9 February, equalling the record set in October 2009 for the largest number to be issued on a single Patch Tuesday.
Fujitsu and Symantec forge closer links
Thursday 04 Feb 2010 [15:39]
Fujitsu and Symantec intend to expand their global strategic partnership.
Conficker worm cuts off Greater Manchester Police
Wednesday 03 Feb 2010 [10:48]
A computer virus has forced the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to disconnect from the UK's Police Nation Computer (PNC) system.
Friday 29 Jan 2010 [12:13]
Businesses will be able to access 40Mbps fibre broadband for 45 per month under a service launched by BT.
2012 Olympics are mobile phone bound
Wednesday 20 Jan 2010 [10:28]
Watch the entire marathon on your phone
Botched computer projects cost 26 billion
Tuesday 19 Jan 2010 [10:55]
The government's IT failures leave taxpayers with the bill
iPhone sales start with a bang for Vodafone
Friday 15 Jan 2010 [14:00]
Vodafone delivered 50,000 iPhones to its customers on the first day of sales.
Google admits 'a few kinks' with Nexus One
Wednesday 13 Jan 2010 [11:24]
Search giant responds to early criticism
Broadband tax for everyone with a landline
Thursday 10 Dec 2009 [13:58]
A tax of 50p per month will be forced on every home that has a fixed landline as the government looks at ways to get broadband services to rural communities.
Brazil tops China as World's spam centre
Tuesday 08 Dec 2009 [10:46]
New Cisco junk-mail report outlines world's malware hotspots
YouTube gets automatic subtitling tool
Friday 20 Nov 2009 [15:13]
YouTube has announced that it is adding automatic subtitling to its videos thanks to automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology.
Google to acquire Gizmo5 to boost Google Voice
Monday 16 Nov 2009 [10:15]
Google is to acquire internet-based calling software firm Gizmo5 to boost its Google Voice service.
Wednesday 11 Nov 2009 [15:37]
UK mobile web surfers now top 10m, research has revealed.
First ever iPhone worm Ikee unleashed by Aussie hacker
Monday 09 Nov 2009 [15:33]
The first worm targeting Apple's iPhone has been unleashed by an Australian hacker.
T-Mobile and Orange to merge
Friday 06 Nov 2009 [15:35]
Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom have signed contracts to set up a 50:50 joint venture that combines their UK operations, T-Mobile and Orange.
Change to law could save Gary McKinnon from extradition
Thursday 05 Nov 2009 [16:03]
The House of Lords is debating a change in the law that could save self-confessed Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon from extradition.
There will be no iPhone price war, says Orange
Wednesday 04 Nov 2009 [15:13]
Mobile operator Orange has dashed UK hopes that increased competition will push down tariffs for the Apple iPhone, which was previously available exclusively on the O2 network.
Congestion charge suffers technical glitch as IBM takes over
Tuesday 03 Nov 2009 [14:09]
The London congestion charge system went down yesterday after IBM took over the contract from Capita.
Google offers free sat-nav and music search
Friday 30 Oct 2009 [14:51]
Google has announced a free mobile satellite navigation application and a music element to its search, but both are limited to US users for now.
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