Apple App Store hits 100,000 apps
Thursday 29 Oct 2009 [15:05]
Apple has now approved more than 100,000 applications for sale on its software catalogue App Store.
Britain stops extradition of hacker Gary McKinnon to US
Wednesday 28 Oct 2009 [10:00]
Home secretary Alan Johnson has called a halt to the extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the US.
UK data losses revealed
Tuesday 27 Oct 2009 [14:52]
Stolen laptops biggest danger as extent of UK data losses revealed
YouTube monetises a billion videos a week
Monday 19 Oct 2009 [11:59]
Three years after Google bought YouTube it's now monetizing one billion of the 7 billion videos viewed each week.
Firms brace for Patch Tuesday Microsoft security update
Tuesday 13 Oct 2009 [10:27]
Microsoft is set to release a record Patch Tuesday monthly security update for its software today, with 13 patches aimed at fixing 34 vulnerabilities.
Home Office saves 100m on deals with Fujitsu and Atos
Monday 12 Oct 2009 [9:18]
The Home Office said it will save 100 million after extending IT contracts with Fujitsu and Atos Origin.
iPhone available from Vodafone in 2010
Tuesday 06 Oct 2009 [10:47]
A price war on the iPhone looks likely after Vodafone confirmed today that it will sell the smart phone from early next year.
Google welcomes IBM competition in the cloud
Monday 05 Oct 2009 [9:59]
Google has welcomed IBM's announcement of a cloud-based on-demand e-mail, calendaring and contact management system.
Download Microsoft Security Essentials today
Thursday 01 Oct 2009 [14:14]
Microsoft's free anti-virus and anti-malware tool, Security Essentials, is available to download in the UK from the Microsoft security site.
Britain urged to retune Freeview boxes today
Wednesday 30 Sep 2009 [9:26]
Major shuffle ahead of sweeping changes
Microsoft invests 45m in IT training for unemployed
Thursday 10 Sep 2009 [15:18]
Microsoft is investing 45m in IT training and apprenticeships to help 500,000 unemployed people in the UK back to work by 2012.
Millions of web users at risk from weak passwords
Tuesday 08 Sep 2009 [11:23]
Over 18 million UK internet users are at risk of fraud because they use the same password for their online banking, shopping and social networking account, research has revealed.
Data Cabs website goes live
Saturday 29 Aug 2009 [9:00]
Data Cabs Swansea Limited's five stage development plan has reached phase four with a new company logo and website launch.
HP loses out as global printer sales crash
Wednesday 26 Aug 2009 [10:04]
Worldwide shipments of printers, copiers and multifunctional product (MFP) dropped 20.2% year-on-year to 51.3 million units in the first half of 2009, according to analyst Gartner.
Yahoo: We'll still compete with Bing
Tuesday 25 Aug 2009 [10:33]
Search deal won't end Microsoft rivalry
Labour ditches broadband tax plans
Tuesday 18 Aug 2009 [16:32]
What now for rural areas with slow access?
Windows 7 to support Dolby Digital Plus
Tuesday 18 Aug 2009 [10:38]
Microsoft opts for Dolby's latest 7.1 codec
Microsoft confirms Office for Nokia phones
Friday 14 Aug 2009 [9:44]
Plans further integration in the future too
Half of all viruses last less than a day
Thursday 13 Aug 2009 [14:05]
PandaLabs find that most malware expires within 24 hours
End of Microsoft Office? Microsoft ordered to stop selling
Wednesday 12 Aug 2009 [16:17]
Microsoft has been ordered to stop selling Microsoft Word, its flagship word processor, within 60 days.
Hacker with Asperger's syndrome could get reduced sentence
Wednesday 12 Aug 2009 [11:24]
Asperger's syndrome saved a Los Angeles hacker from a longer prison sentence, it was reported today, bringing scant hope to self-confessed British hacker Gary McKinnon, who faces extradition to the US on hacking charges.
Microsoft will support IE6 until 2011
Tuesday 11 Aug 2009 [9:36]
We're sticking to our lifespan promise, says MS
Monday 10 Aug 2009 [16:18]
The government last year gave permission to intercept the phone calls, letters and e-mails of more than 500,000 citizens, its interception watchdog reports.
Toshiba confirms move to Blu-ray
Monday 10 Aug 2009 [10:56]
Joining BDA, Blu-ray products coming very soon
Twitter shaken by denial-of-service attack
Friday 07 Aug 2009 [8:46]
Twitter down - service working to regain its composure
Quarter of all tweets 'generated by bots'
Thursday 06 Aug 2009 [16:06]
New research shows that Twitter is overrun by robots
Microsoft to take on hundreds of Yahoo staff
Thursday 06 Aug 2009 [9:22]
Microsoft is to take on at least 400 Yahoo employees as part of the landmark search partnership deal announced by the two firms last week.
Wednesday 05 Aug 2009 [9:57]
The number of IT job vacancies advertised online fell 57% in May, compared with the same month last year.
Bing steals another 1% off Google
Tuesday 04 Aug 2009 [9:35]
New tie up with Yahoo! gives MS fifth of US search
Dell in talks to avoid Taiwanese fine over pricing blunder
Monday 03 Aug 2009 [9:00]
Dell says it is working with Taiwanese authorities to settle complaints about two pricing errors on the firm's local online store.
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