Toshiba may support Blu-ray after all
Friday 26 Jun 2009 [16:15]
Never say never for the next-gen format war losers
Windows 7 launch and pricing detailed
Friday 26 Jun 2009 [8:59]
Buy a Windows 7 PC this week, or pre-order your new OS for 49.99
Lloyds tells IT contractors to accept 15% pay cut or leave
Thursday 25 Jun 2009 [16:28]
An email sent to IT contractors by Lloyds Banking Group this month has revealed that their pay is being cut by 15%.
Twitter grows 93% in six months in UK
Thursday 25 Jun 2009 [8:45]
Now inside the top 40 most popular sites
PayPal crashes leaving payments unprocessed
Wednesday 24 Jun 2009 [16:17]
Payment service PayPal was offline for about an hour this morning causing problems for consumers that rely on its service to make and receive payments.
A beacon for broadband on the Isle of Man
Wednesday 24 Jun 2009 [9:53]
With all eyes on Lord Carter's Digital Britain report, it is easy to forget how much more advanced the broadband network infrastructure is elsewhere.
MySpace to cut another 300 international jobs
Tuesday 23 Jun 2009 [16:04]
MySpace is planning to cut 300 jobs and close four offices outside the US.
2 million pre-orders already for Samsung Jet
Tuesday 23 Jun 2009 [8:52]
'Fastest' handset already a huge hit
Steve Jobs returns to declare 1m iPhone 3G S phones sold
Monday 22 Jun 2009 [16:32]
First statement since medical leave
Twitter attacked by malware and worms
Monday 22 Jun 2009 [8:40]
Security glitches rock micro-blogging website
Microsoft to throw 10% of income at Bing
Friday 19 Jun 2009 [16:25]
Ballmer and co getting serious about search
Banks will harness social media
Friday 19 Jun 2009 [9:07]
Banks will harness social media technology to help them serve customers but this will entail more than just jumping on the hype of existing websites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Growing demand for Linux on mainframes
Thursday 18 Jun 2009 [16:14]
Big companies are increasing how much they spend on putting Linux software on mainframes, according to a global study.
Carphone Warehouse offers cash for old iPhones
Thursday 18 Jun 2009 [8:42]
Carphone Warehouse is offering to buy customers' old iPhones to help towards the cost of a new one, if they want to upgrade to the new iPhone 3GS.
Dell claims $3m in sales from Twitter
Wednesday 17 Jun 2009 [16:40]
Computer maker Dell says Twitter has helped the company make more sales worth more than $3m in the past two years.
Barclays hardware failure brings down ATM and online banking
Wednesday 17 Jun 2009 [9:02]
Barclays cash machines, online banking and some counter services were inaccessible after a hardware failure today.
Microsoft Windows 7 decison may defuse EU case, says lawyer
Tuesday 16 Jun 2009 [16:24]
Microsoft's decision to release its latest operating system in Europe without its Internet Explorer browser is a sensible step, according to a leading law firm.
Microsoft plans to release free security software
Tuesday 16 Jun 2009 [8:53]
Microsoft is testing free anti-virus software, but no date has been announced for a public release.
Millions of Facebook users grab personal profile addresses
Monday 15 Jun 2009 [16:14]
Facebook says more than three million users have already registered personalised web addresses for their profiles on the social networking service.
EC plans tougher sentences for cybercrime
Monday 15 Jun 2009 [9:34]
The European Commission plans to introduce harsher penalties for cybercriminals.
Google issues first Chrome 2 security update
Friday 12 Jun 2009 [16:15]
Google has issued a security patch for its Chrome 2 browser less than a month after its official release.
Windows 7 to launch without IE 8 in Europe
Friday 12 Jun 2009 [8:51]
Microsoft unhitches browser to avoid anti-trust issues
Wembley City gets Sky at 100mbps
Thursday 11 Jun 2009 [16:13]
Velocity1, the new-build property fibre network specialist, is to distribute Sky channels to some 254 residents in London's Wembley City served by its 100mbps fibre network.
Broadband? So what, say four in 10 adults
Thursday 11 Jun 2009 [8:54]
More than four out of 10 adults would not use broadband even if it was available, according to research.
75% of UK 'want web-connected TVs'
Wednesday 10 Jun 2009 [16:11]
A new survey by Entertainment Media Research has revealed that the interest of internet-connected TVs is bigger than ever.
NHS trust guilty of losing patient details
Wednesday 10 Jun 2009 [8:46]
Another NHS trust guilty of losing 3,500 confidential patient details
YouTube streaming hits 1 billion a day mark
Tuesday 09 Jun 2009 [16:12]
YouTube has announced that its popularity as a video-hosting website has never been higher, with 1 billion videos a day streamed.
Pentagon hacker McKinnon launches legal challenge
Tuesday 09 Jun 2009 [10:16]
Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon has launched a legal challenge against the director of public prosecutions (DPP).
T-Mobile accounts hacked in the US?
Monday 08 Jun 2009 [16:14]
Stolen data apparently being auctioned off
Windows 7 release date announced
Monday 08 Jun 2009 [10:10]
Windows 7, the next major release of the world's most popular operating system, will be officially available to the public on 22 October.
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