Kaspersky announces 2010 products for July
Friday 05 Jun 2009 [16:20]
Because AV software is MONTHS ahead of us
BT to boost its broadband speeds to 20Mb/s
Friday 05 Jun 2009 [9:15]
'Broadband Accelerator' to eliminate electrical interference in telephone-extension wiring
Google releases Squared into Labs
Thursday 04 Jun 2009 [16:37]
Now you can have moons in spreadsheets
Google, Yahoo and Apple face anti-trust investigation
Thursday 04 Jun 2009 [8:43]
IT giants Google, Yahoo and Apple are being investigated by the US Justice Department over their recruitment practices.
US surfers spend 3,600 years on social networks in a month
Wednesday 03 Jun 2009 [16:12]
Web surfers in the US spent the equivalent of over 3,600 years, some 1.3 million days, on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace in April alone, according to research.
BT accused of throttling iPlayer in the evenings
Wednesday 03 Jun 2009 [8:57]
BT has been accused of slowing down its internet connection in the evenings when users try to watch or downalod TV programmes using the BBC iPlayer.
China blocks websites ahead of Tiananmen anniversary
Tuesday 02 Jun 2009 [16:32]
Twitter, You Tube, Hotmail, Flickr and Microsoft's new search engine Bing blocked.
London commuters get warnings of delays via Twitter
Tuesday 02 Jun 2009 [11:16]
Twitter is being used by First Capital Connect trains to alert London commuters to possible delays on some routes.
BBC Earth channel debuts on YouTube
Monday 01 Jun 2009 [16:13]
Gets dedicated YouTube channel, with 50 clips
HP announces another 5,700 job cuts
Monday 01 Jun 2009 [9:04]
HP has confirmed that it will reduce its workforce by 5,700 across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) over the next two years.
Yahoo chief keeps the door open for Microsoft
Thursday 28 May 2009 [9:43]
Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz has kept speculation of a search deal with Microsoft alive by confirming that the two companies are still talking about the possibility.
Three million homes have slow broadband access
Wednesday 27 May 2009 [16:12]
Three million homes in the UK have access to broadband speeds of less than two megabits per second, research released today shows.
Lenovo announces big losses in last quarter
Wednesday 27 May 2009 [8:32]
Lenovo has followed up a loss in the third quarter with more red ink in Q4 under the dual impact of the recession and restructuring costs.
Windows Vista SP2 arrives for public
Tuesday 26 May 2009 [15:27]
Standalone installers for service pack available
Street View faces new privacy problem in Japan
Thursday 14 May 2009 [16:18]
Google's service becomes Japan's ultimate nosey neighbour
Downturn pushes Nortel results into the red
Thursday 14 May 2009 [9:17]
Struggling Nortel has blamed the economy for its current woes after posting losses for its first quarter.
Intel fined 948m for illegal secret payments
Wednesday 13 May 2009 [16:07]
EU hands out record fine for breaking anti-trust laws
BT wants smart meter network business
Wednesday 13 May 2009 [10:26]
BT believes energy suppliers should use its communications network to connect the national network of smart energy meters announced this morning.
Greeks halt Google Street View cameras
Tuesday 12 May 2009 [16:13]
Google has been banned from taking any more pictures for its controversial Street View service in Greece pending further investigation by local data protection authorities.
BT expected to sack 10,000 and write off 1.5bn
Tuesday 12 May 2009 [9:24]
BT is expected to put its "toxic assets" into a separate business unit and sack thousands of staff on Thursday 14 May.
Software glitch brings down tills at Tesco
Monday 11 May 2009 [16:17]
Tills broke down at Tesco this morning after an overnight software update caused problems with the system.
Orange slices mobile broadband prices
Monday 11 May 2009 [8:49]
In a bid to offer the most cost-effective broadband packages in what is a very competitive market, Orange is for a limited period to make significant discounts to the price of its Business Everywhere mobile broadband packages.
TalkTalk buys Tiscali UK for 236m
Friday 08 May 2009 [16:21]
Carphone Warehouse sealed its takeover of internet service provider Tiscali this morning as the group announced its TalkTalk subsidiary would pay 236m for Tiscali's UK operations.
Google to launch BlackBerry business productivity apps
Friday 08 May 2009 [8:30]
In order to make its products more compelling for the mobile business community, Google has launched the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and enterprise installation packages for Google Mobile App and Google Maps for mobile.
Windows 7 leaves open door for malware writers
Thursday 07 May 2009 [16:21]
Windows 7 repeats a fault in previous Windows operating systems that allows users to mistake executable programs for ordinary text files, thereby compromising their system, a computer security firm has claimed.
eBay closes customer service centre
Thursday 07 May 2009 [9:25]
Online auction website eBay is closing a customer service centre in Canada as part of a move to consolidate its North American operations.
200Mb broadband trials get underway in the UK
Wednesday 06 May 2009 [16:07]
Speeds leave US and Japan looking decidedly sluggish
Microsoft carries out second round of planned job cuts
Wednesday 06 May 2009 [8:33]
Microsoft is making a second round of redundancies as part of its plans to cut 5,000 jobs.
Hacker steals Twitter admin password
Tuesday 05 May 2009 [16:17]
Twitter's security was thrown into doubt as details emerged of how a French hacker obtained access to a Twitter staff account, allowing him to view user accounts on the micro-blogging site.
Brits: internet more important than food
Tuesday 05 May 2009 [8:38]
O2 survey finds UK families cutting back on calories not bandwidth
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