Windows 7 release candidate available for download
Thursday 30 Apr 2009 [16:19]
Users can now download the Release Candidate of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system.
Windows Vista SP2 released to manufacturing
Thursday 30 Apr 2009 [8:50]
SP2 goes RTM
60% of Twitter users 'quit after a month'
Wednesday 29 Apr 2009 [16:12]
New research has come to light that more than 60 per cent of those who sign up to Twitter stop using the micro-blogging site after just one month.
Office 2007 SP2 offers ODF and PDF support
Wednesday 29 Apr 2009 [10:30]
Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for its Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, for the first time supporting Open XML, ODF and Adobe PDF file formats.
Sky adds green button functionality
Tuesday 28 Apr 2009 [16:28]
For those people who really, really love adverts
Sat nav owners use 12% less fuel
Tuesday 28 Apr 2009 [9:14]
Distance and time savings were greatest during rush hours
Windows 7 release candidate due this week
Monday 27 Apr 2009 [15:53]
Windows 7 release candidate will be available to a select few later this week.
Microsoft's revenues fall 6% in its first quarterly drop
Monday 27 Apr 2009 [9:27]
Microsoft's revenue of $13.65bn posted yesterday for the first three months of 2009 is 6% lower than for the same period last year.
Apple App Store hits one billion landmark
Friday 24 Apr 2009 [16:17]
Only nine months to hit the 10 figure total
Google fixes severe security vulnerability in Chrome browser
Friday 24 Apr 2009 [8:48]
Google has released a new version of its Chrome browser to fix a "high severity" security problem.
Apple profits up, sells 4000 iPhones a day
Thursday 23 Apr 2009 [9:09]
Reports better earnings than this time last year
Yahoo announces first quarter results and a 5% cut in staff
Wednesday 22 Apr 2009 [9:21]
Yahoo has announced a further 5% staff cut on the same day as first quarter financial results, but says the two are not linked.
UK PC sales far worse than forecast
Tuesday 21 Apr 2009 [15:53]
Flagging sales of commercial desktops and notebooks shoved the entire UK PC market into negative growth during the first quarter, according to data released by IDC today.
Windows 7 gets RC and mid-summer release?
Tuesday 21 Apr 2009 [9:59]
Release candidate the final step before launching new OS asks Jeeves to take on Google again
Monday 20 Apr 2009 [16:01]
Butler brought back in a bid for more search market share
BT may be on course for worst quarter ever
Thursday 16 Apr 2009 [16:06]
BT has hit back at rumours that it is on the verge of slashing 10,000 jobs across its global business after another disastrous quarter, describing the figures as "typical speculation".
Spam increases global carbon footprint
Thursday 16 Apr 2009 [8:34]
The annual energy used to transmit, process and filter spam totals 33 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), according to security software company McAfee.
PC ownership rises to 70% in UK
Wednesday 15 Apr 2009 [15:51]
PC ownership has hit 70% in the UK and just shy of half of all online teenagers are on social networking sites according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.
Is eBay selling Skype back to its creators?
Tuesday 14 Apr 2009 [8:59]
Hefty profits beckon if eBay offloads VoIP giant
Microsoft pays 265m for patent infringement
Monday 13 Apr 2009 [12:00]
A trial over an alleged patent infringement by the software giant Microsoft has ended in a record payout of $388 million (265m).
Google expands click-to-buy YouTube videos
Friday 10 Apr 2009 [12:00]
Google is expanding its Click-to-Buy e-commerce platform for music and games videos to eight more countries.
iPhone patent:
Thursday 09 Apr 2009 [9:47]
another company wants a bite of Apple's iPhone
More people on Facebook than in Brazil
Wednesday 08 Apr 2009 [16:09]
Facebook's CEO Marck Zuckerberg posted a blog today, announcing that the site now has 200 million users.
YouTube is still costing Google almost $500m (342m)per year
Wednesday 08 Apr 2009 [9:08]
YouTube is still costing Google almost $500m (342m) every year because it is not selling enough advertising, says CreditSuisse analyst Spencer Wang.
London emergency services hit by BT cable damage
Tuesday 07 Apr 2009 [9:21]
Emergency services and transport control centres in London were taken offline on Saturday after a contractor dug through a crucial BT line.
Skype now world's top international telco
Monday 06 Apr 2009 [16:28]
In just five years, Skype, the free Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications carrier, has become the world's leading carrier of international voice telephone calls, according to TeleGeography, a market analyst.
Ericsson claims mobile broadband world record
Monday 06 Apr 2009 [11:21]
Telecoms giant Ericsson is claiming that its new HSPA multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) technology will break its own break its own HSPA world record by offering peak downlink data rates of 56 Mbps.
CanSecWest hackers fail to crack mobile devices
Thursday 02 Apr 2009 [9:53]
A hacking contest at the CanSecWest conference has failed to crack any of the mobile devices on offer, despite managing to get through most mainstream browsers within minutes.
Conficker fails to live up to hype  so far
Thursday 02 Apr 2009 [8:59]
Conficker has so far failed to unleash the internet chaos many predicted on 1 April when the worm was expected to contact criminal command and control centres.
Wednesday 01 Apr 2009 [16:03]
Severn Trent has recovered 3m in unpaid bills in the last six months through the use of voice messaging technology.
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