BYOD - How safe is it

BYOD - How safe is it
Wednesday 18 Jun 2014 [16:23]

BYOD how safe is it?

What is BYOD?
In the world of IT, BYOD or bring you own device, is a phrase that has been widely adopted to refer to employees who bring their own computing device such as smartphones, laptops and PDAs to the work place to use and connectivity on the secure corporate network.

BYOD pose many business risks, some widely known and other less understood. The security for Business Innovation Council cited lost of stolen BYOD's, as it's top concern. The danger here is clear BYOD's that go missing may contain sensitive data and according to Osterman Research less than 1 in 4 can be remotely wiped.

When BYOD's bypass inbound filters normally applied to corporate devices, they're vulnerable to malware a fast-growing risk, particularly in regards to Android devices. BYOD's that bypass outbound filters elevate risk of non-compliance with data privacy laws and regulatory requirements. As BYOD use grows, so will the frequency of these risky behaviours.

How to make them safe?
Many corporations that allow employees to use their own mobile devices at work implement a BYOD security policy, that clearly outlines the company's position and governance policy to help IT better manage these devices and ensure network security is not compromised by employees using their own devices at work. Employers often cannot assess data breach exposure on unmanaged BYOD.
IT may require devices to be configured with passwords, prohibit specific types of applications from being installed on the device or require all data to be encrypted. Other BYOD security policy initiatives may include limiting activities that employees are allowed to perform on these devices at work and regular IT audits to ensure the device is in compliance with the company's BYOD security policy.

BYOD agreement checklist:

 Ensure the end users are responsible for backing up personal date.
 Clarify lines of responsibility for device maintenance, support and costs.
 Require employees to remove applications at the request of the organisations.
 Disable access to the network if a blacklisted application is installed or if the device has been jail-broken.
 Specify the consequences for any violations to the policy.

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