Going on Holiday? - Out Of Office

Going on Holiday? - Out Of Office
Wednesday 30 Jul 2014 [9:28]

When you are on holiday, it is wise to set an Out of Office message (often abbreviated as OOF).  But have you ever thought about what impression your leaving with your OOF?

There are a few things that you must include when leaving an OOF:

 Provide dates also write the date that you're leaving and the date that you're getting back into the office.
 Inform clients if you are able to picking up emails
 If you are unable to pick up emails in the time that you are away offer a phone number for someone who can help with emergencies during your absence. Make sure you inform the person in advance that they will be receiving your emails.

Even though you are out of office you still need to demonstrate you care. Instilling a sense of service despite not being able to deal with the client directly is very important to your OOF email. Sharing some information that will entertain, inform and/or delight the client emailing you shows that you are still putting service first.

Always make sure that all-important clients have been dealt with before you leave for your holiday and inform the person who will be dealing with your emails of the current projects you have on going, this ensures that your clients don't feel neglected for the time you are away.

Now have you ever thought about what would happen if your IT technician went away? Do you have a system in place for emergencies? Who would you call if your entire computer system crashed?

With something as important as IT support you should always discuss with the company or individual what procedures need to be put in place when they are unavailable.  Everyone in your company needs to know whom they can get in touch with and how long the response time will be if an emergency happens. 

No matter whether it is yourself who is going away or you are the client when leaving an OOF all the information should be readily available to everyone.


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